Using the Name

We count our brand as the premiere of our corporate assets. Our brand and corporate identity have immeasurable value; their utility increases each time it they are presented properly and decreases with every incorrect or improper application. Brand attributes define OpenGuides, and accurate and consistent use of our trademarks is vital to protect the OpenGuides corporate identity. When it is presented consistently, we create a positive and lasting impression of our company. It is your responsibility to comply with the most current version of these guidelines.

...Just kidding.

In reality, we have a pretty relaxed approach to the application of the OpenGuides name. It can be summed up as follows:

  1. If you set up a city guide and would like to be part of our guide network, please link to from your site's front page. Using the words "the OpenGuides network" somewhere would be ideal.
  2. It's "OpenGuides" for the project name, but "The Open Guide to..." when it comes to naming Guides. On the other hand, your site doesn't have to be called "the Open Guide to Wherever"; you can name it whatever you like. Do what suits you best.
  3. If you're using our software for another purpose, please mention on the front page that your site's powered by OpenGuides, and have a link to us.

That's it - thanks!

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