The Software

Powered by Perl The OpenGuides system is free software, written in Perl. It is available for download from the CPAN. To see what's new in the latest version, consult the release notes.

System Requirements

To run OpenGuides, you will need a webserver capable of running Perl, and a number of Perl modules as prerequisites, all of which are also available from the CPAN. We recommend installing OpenGuides via or the newer, as these will handle the installation of prerequisites for you. Alternatively, if you run a Debian system, you can install OpenGuides with "apt". Full details and packages are available at the package home page.


General documentation is being developed on the development wiki; you may also find the INSTALL file that comes with the software useful.


If you don't have your own webserver to run a Guide on, two people are kindly offering to help out. In the UK, contact Dominic Hargreaves (dom(at); in the US, Christopher Schmidt (crschmidt(at)

Help and Troubleshooting

Some common issues are dealt with in TROUBLESHOOTING. If you have other problems, please get in touch with us via the mailing list or IRC.

Reporting Bugs and Suggesting Features

You can use to report bugs and make feature suggestions.

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